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Hello and welcome, we are Jon and Ceri, the dynamic duo behind the lens! Our journey began amidst the hum of drone propellers during a chance meeting at a drone course.


While Ceri delved into the academic world, honing the craft of photography at university, Jon followed in the footsteps of a family legacy, immersing himself in the photography business.

Our friendship blossomed over a shared passion for photography and videos, and soon we joined forces to create a powerhouse team. Based in the picturesque landscapes of Wales, we specialize in capturing the essence of love and celebration in weddings.

Beyond weddings, Our lens has ventured into the world of business, events, and sports, offering a versatile touch to our portfolio. 

We both have a love for rugby which lead us to be active photographers in Mountain ash RFC and Llanelli Wanderers RFC following both youth and adult teams through the last several years. 

We pride ourselves on delivering a relaxed and unique experience for our clients. this has led us to venture to places around the world to take photos for people weddings such as Las Vegas, Jamacia, Cyprus and Lake Verona in Italy 

Our work has not only graced the cherished moments of weddings across Wales but we also spent time being part of several projects as Camera crew with the BBC and small production companies over Wales making small featured films as well as comedies and dramas, we have also been featured on the S4C Programme Priodas Pum Mil as photographers for one of our wonderful couples.

In our world, every click of the shutter and frame of the video tells a story—a story of love, celebration, and the beauty found in life's diverse moments.

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