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  • How much time does the photography take?
    Photographs are taken throughout the whole day, but for planning your schedule typically you should allow around 15-20 minutes at the wedding venue after the ceremony has finished and 30 to 60 minutes at the reception venue to be dedicated purely to the photography for group shots. I also prefer to have 30-60 minutes dedicated just for the newly weds.
  • Do you take photographs during the service?
    his depends on the minister who is conducting the ceremony. Some are happy for photographs to be taken in the church without restriction; most prefer the photographer to be out of the way at the back of the church, whereas others have a strict ‘no photography’ rule. I strongly advise you to check with your minister as to Their own policy so that you know where you stand. I am are able to get great images even if relegated to the very back of the church and always respect the sanctity of the ceremony. Photography is not always permitted during civil ceremonies, but the signing of the register is re-staged for the camera afterwards. Whatever the restrictions, we strive to capture the mood, romance, sanctity and ambience of the ceremony whilst being as respectful and unobtrusive as possible.
  • How much coverage is included in the package prices?
    Coverage generally begins with the bride’s preparations and this goes on up to an hour after the first dance, this allows me to finish up before the party starts to get messy, but I can stay longer if required.
  • What style of photography do you do?
    I like to produce a mixture of traditional portraits and group shots and fun, off-beat contemporary shots.
  • Can you take photographs in black and white?
    Yes I can, . All photographs are taken in colour which provides you the final choice on whether you would like black and white or colour
  • How about artistic shots?
    I love taking these kinds of photos. However, they take a bit longer to do so you will need to allow a little longer for the photo to be taken for this style of shooting.
  • Do you take portraits of small family groups as a part of your wedding-day photography?
    Yes, I am happy to photograph small family groups as long as the bride and groom are happy for us to do so.
  • Are the bride and groom expected to feed the photographer along with the other guests?
    This is not an expectation. In fact, I take some shots during the meal to help capture the ambience of the wedding breakfast, so usually prefer to grab a quick bite to eat on the go but i will always be happy to accept if the offer is there.
  • What types of albums are available?
    My preferred Approach is to provide a Storybook album I believe this provides a more contemporary album , this tells the whole story of your wedding day. The images are printed straight on to premium quality pages giving a far greater feel to you as you repeatedly look at your photos The album cover is created with a matt lamination providing a silky feel. And you don’t need to worry about being limited to how many photos you want in the album as I can have more created to give you the perfect final
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